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Define characteristics of your online survey

[You are reading the instructions on how to create an online survey, the functions have been deactivated.]

Click "Characteristics" on the menu.

Survey 'Kundenzufriedenheit'
Edit questionnaire >Start your survey >
Characteristics >Invite participants >
Test survey >Preview of the survey analysis >
Notifications >Publish results >
Print entire questionnaire, copy to Word, etc. >
This is how your survey would look without advertisements >
Carry out survey free of advertisements >
The following form will appear:

Internal name:

Questionnaire heading, visible to the participants:

Introduction at the start of the questionnaire:

You can use all usual HTML formatting and, for example, add an image or logo. If you add a large image you should adjust it to the size of the questionnaire, see below.

Hinweistext, wenn die Laufzeit der Umfrage beendet ist:

Survey language: 

Width of the questionnaire:  
Default setting: 560. A higher value can be useful, for example, for questionnaires with matrices and long column headings or when using large images.

Survey topic: 

Button height: 

Button labeling: 


Progress bar:
Progress BarPercentageNo

The survey will run until: , 12:00 am

Answered more than once on the same computer: 

Allow temporary storage of the questionnaire.
A link will appear from page 2 at the top of the questionnaire.
Show back button.
The participant can return to the previous page of the questionnaire by using the back button.
Display the page number in the questionnaire.
Button 'Eigene Antworten aufrufen' auf der Danke-Seite einblenden.
Der Teilnehmer kann nach Beantwortung des Fragebogens mit dem Button eine Html-Seite mit seinen Antworten anzeigen, um die Antworten z.B. auszudrucken.
Display link to entering the e-mail address on the final page.
The subscriber can input their e-mail address, ie to participate in a raffle.

URL of the background image for the questionnaire (optional):

You can see an example here: Questionnaire with background image

Questionnaire only be accessed by Ip-range (optional):

Examples: [192].[168].[1].[0-255] or [112].[117-118].[0-255].[0-255]
Several ranges can be separated with a comma.

After completion, browser-redirect to URL (optional):

Any variables passed though at the start of the survey (e.g your panel or customer id) will be appended to the URL.

< Cancel  Here you can manage the following characteristics:

  • Internal name: Name of your survey for internal use, not shown on the questionnaire.
  • Form heading: A text is optional and can be shown as a heading on each page of the questionnaire.
  • Introduction to the start of the questionnaire: Option of an introduction, which is shown at the beginning of page 1 of the questionnaire.
  • Survey language: Here you can choose the language in which the information and error messages and buttons are to be shown.
  • Width of the questionnaire:Here you can set the width of the questionnaire in pixels.
  • Subject area of the survey: You have the option of setting a topic which roughly describes the area of the questionnaire.
  • Duration: Here you can extend the duration of the survey at any time.
  • Allow multiple answers: For questions without an access code you can determine whether the questionnaire can be answered more than once on the same computer. This will be checked by cookies. Provided that a participant deletes cookies they will be able to answer the survey more than once.
  • Allow temporary storage of the questionnaire. When you activate this function a link will appear at the top of the questionnaire which allows the participant to save a HTML file on their hard drive. This HTML file can be called up later to continue answering the questionnaire.
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